DMC: Devil May Cry
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I Like The New Dante

The Devil May Cry franchise has been going on since 2001, generally getting praised for the gameplay innovations, visuals and the gothic ambiance it created, but is that about to change with Capcom’s attempt to refresh the series?

Don’t get too worked out, it’s still the same DMC we had known and loved, but with just different characters and some awesome gameplay tweaks.

The major change lies within the characters and plot.

The new DMC is being developed by Ninja Theory – makers of heavenly sword and enslaved alongside Capcom’s producers. Ninja Theory’s aim is to set the new DMC in the real world; making Dante feel more modern. Now as a fan of the series this made me slightly dismayed; their obvious attempt to westernize Dante is unacceptable and was absolutely unneeded.
That said, I did find Dante’s cocky attitude and humor enjoyable, and as a reviewer, I tend to wait and see the final creation myself before I get to judge it.

And so I ignored the negative criticism, and waited till I got my hands on the demo.

Demo Analysis

It’s fast. It’s stylish. It’s Devil May Cry.

The first thing I noticed was the new modifiers to Dante’s moveset. One is Angel mode, where Dante equips the Osiris; a speedy yet deadly scythe weapon. Whereas in Devil mode, Dante equips the “Arbiter”. Slower, but much more painful.

Devil Mode also allows Dante to pull enemies and objects towards him whereas Angle Mode lets him pull himself towards enemies, and to dash large gaps as well.

This addition was marvelous, allowing you to change between different combat styles you’d prefer, or allowing you to set the combat style according to the situation you’re facing.

When enough power is gained, Devil Trigger Mode can be activated, which slows the time allowing Dante to bring more pain, preforming more stylish attacks. This was by far my favorite add-on, slicing enemies never felt so satisfying before.

In terms of graphics, the game definitely looks pretty, and as polished as it could be, it goes without saying that the new DMC will be much better than the older ones graphically since it’s using the Unreal Engine 3.


Dante is a rebellious character who has grown up in institutions, orphanages, youth correction facilities, and foster homes. What’s pretty cool though is the fact that these facilities were all run by demons, which often resulted in the torture or other types of violence for the residents, and that's where Dante's hatred of demons and authority originally came from.

Dante's Rebellion sword was given to him by his father Sparda, so that he could better protect himself against the demons that hunt him, we still don’t know where Ebony and Ivory came from, but we hope that’s revealed later on in-game.

Demons are always trying to kill Dante, creating chaos everywhere. Dante meets a girl named Kat who sends him to meet the leader of "The Order", an organization labeled by the press as terrorist. There he meets his brother, where they, with the help of Kat, embark on an epic journey to fight off the demons.

Sounds rad? Well, it should!

I love Ninja Theory despite some of their criticisms and flaws. They do a great job focusing on the environment and characters, and to be honest? I can see why people would be mad, but at least wait for the game to be released before you burn the witch.

It may not be what we expected, but it’s by no means going to be a bad game.

But I Just LOVE Kat