World of Tanks
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Well I must say I am bowled over by this game. It's come out of the blue and absolutely punched me between the eyes. I got introduced to this game by a fellow gaming friend from work. He's been raving on about this game for a little while and has told me how great it is and that I should download and play. I have got to admit that when he's been explaining it and how the game plays that my first thoughts were to think of paint drying. To say that I wasn't bothered was an understatement! Now the only reason for trying was the fact that I had just completed Diablo III and was looking for another challenge. The only problem for me was the fact I had no money so therefore I couldn't buy another game. So I thought, 'What's the worst that can happen? I hate it therefore I will uninstall it!' So in the end I bit the bullet and went to download.

                                         Now the download didn't take me that long about 30mins, my internet at the time was running slowly, but I didn't think this was too bad to wait. It was easy to create an account and didn't take long to do. Now the interface is very simple when you first boot the game up. I love the fact you can just jump straight into a battle and just go for it. Now thankfully before I played my first games yesterday I did in fact ask my pal what the best tactics were and what a good intial tank was. Good job I knew a little as otherwise I wouldn't have known which country of tank to go for first. He told me that the French tanks had good armour and not bad guns but little else going for them as soooooo slow! So from this I plumped for a Russian MS-1 light tank. My first few games with this tank have been a mixed bag but I have tried at least not to go too gun hoe and charge anyone. I have killed a few tanks also and have slowly upgraded my tank though he has told me to get a tier 2 tank ASAP to get my research points. The graphics are surprisingly good I have my settings at medium and am getting 48fps constantly. It looks good as well and is easy to see distant tanks with etc.

For a free to play game I was not expecting much, but I must eat humble pie as this has opened my eyes to a whole new gameplay experience. If you want hours of fun and the feeling of being involved then this really needs your attention and some of your time dedicated to playing it. It's instant fun and plays so quickly no game draggs and I have been happy to watch even when my poor tank has been blown to bits. As it is free to play it really needs everyone's support and I think it warrants this, so trust when I say download and have lots of fun!