The shadow just make the game much fun to play

Another great segment of activision game . The call of duty :black ops 2 is something to be talked about right now . Jetpacks with rigid wings. Gloves that can adhere to any surface and support your body weight is just some of the crazy new stuffs in the game. Clearly, the game gives the player the look and feel of two century wars. With playing as a old warrior and new warrior just give you extra taste of the game . With going into the war with old type of guns and storys just gives you the chance to actually be a rusted hero . Furthermore,  On the one hand, Black Ops II introduces new mission types and dramatic decision points that liven up the campaign, as well as a league play option that represents a fundamental shift in the franchise's hallowed multiplayer mode.

Next, the graphics are just fantastic . As you fly throught the mountains , you get the feel of actually flying in the real world, it look just as like the real world. The use of shaders and texture are just great. The game has good graphic but doesn't get the dekstop or laptop a problem to run it . The other thing that impress me is Things get even more intense when you are asked to make a choice. Press one button to kill a target, the other to let him live. The conditions of each choice vary and there are only a few of them, but even when you aren't responding to a prompt, you might be making a choice in a dramatic moment that will have consequences later. Basically activision have made a real good game . With this , I have to say that Call Of Duty : Black Ops II just have to go in my fav games book .

Fills like a real war