Assassins Creed 3
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Now before you all throw something at me I must say that I have loved all the previous games that have gone before, even liking Revelations. But AC3 is just not enertaining on any level. I mean I used to love dashing over buildings etc in Venice and the like, but it is such a chore in either Boston or New York. Now the main change over the other series is that you can go into the wild and do some jumping in the trees. This is where one of the problems with the game lie, but I will come to this later.

                                                    The game actually in my opinion starts off well (spoilers) I love the theatre part and that you don't start off with the main character. I loved the bit when you first realised you were helping the Templars. That showed imagination and I was so looking forward to more plot twists, which actually never came! I became less interested though the more I got to play as Connor. I found it tyresome and a slogg at times to go through the main part of the game. I often felt a bit miffed at the plot and sometimes wanting Connor to fall off a rather large cliff. Though after doing this several times I decided I better get on with the main quest and finish the damn game. I have never done a negative review of a game because for one I don't play a game to get depressed, and the second reason is I have played a lot of games last year which were of such a high standard. Yes some other games have been a bit of a slog such as COD: black ops 2, Battlefield 3. But then they have had such good multiplayer games that I have forgiven them for this. The same can not be said for this drivel, which I did complete. I just can not think of any redeming features about the game, apart from it does look wonderful and the environment is believable to an extent.

       The thing that has really got my goat is I wanted to have more say in historical battles. I liked the battle that was in the trailer but unless I completed the game wrongly I never got to be in that said battle. I wish it had been tied in more with the revolution, but maybe I was wishing for too much. I haven't played a game in such a long time, that I was so looking forward to because of past games in the franchise but I wish this game had not been made. It has dampened my enthusiasm to play another in the series as I think they need to use the next piece of history better. Try it by all means but you might be dissapointed like I was. The Forest section and seeing which trees you could climb up etc was for me a real chore and a turn off. This coupled with the poor story line and the lack of any good characters was again another nail in this games coffin. I so wish this had been as good as the start but he ho it wasn't to be.