OVERVIEW:Painkiller Hell and Damnation is a Run & Gun FPS Developed by Farm 51 and published By Nordic Games at October 31 of 2012 For PC XBOX 360 And PS3.Its a Tribute to the Era of Doom ,Quake and Serious Sam,An Era where there was no taking cover,there was no regenerating health ann there was no iron sight,You and your weapon were all you had.The Game is set to be in Hell/the Under world, as You battle against seemingly unending horde's of enemies to save your loved one (Wife).

GAMEPLAY:Game-play wise it offers nothing new (newer than what was already introduced in Serious sam and older Painkillers)You get a cool looking gun, You follow the arrow and you kill every unlucky being in your way.There are so many Enemy type's in a way that you never feel tired of fighting the same enemies.There are all sort's of weapons,from weapon's that suck the soul out of the enemies and more traditional guns like Shotguns.But just when you think that you've seen it all TADADADA a boss at the size of a city appears.Although the boss fights are way too easy and some times its harder to fight (more like shoot but any way)regular enemies they are fun and refreshing.

STORY:(may contain spoilers,though there is'nt any thing important story wise to spoil!)Well there is no such thing called STORY in painkiller hell and damnation at the beginning you see a really cool cut scene where Daniel Garner the main protagonist and his wife die.And then you are awakened by Eden (Yes THE EDEN!!!)then a Demon offers you your wife back in exchange for 7000 souls!!!no big deal for Daniel Garner.And that's pretty much the hole story.Though the story is kind of non existent,this genre of shoot, Shoot and shoot some more games does not require any actual story to keep the player going.A slight motivation and a green arrow above your head will do the trick just fine!

GRAPHICS AND AI:Unfortunately the graphics are not up to par with today's games Even though it utilize's Unreal Engine 3, It does not bring the visual pleasure the the Unreal Engine could offer and the engine is not completely utilized.it's not an eye torture but it could have been much better.the AI is also very simplistic, which is not a bad thing.the enemies rush towards you like a rabid dog and don't leave any time to think.the only thing you should think about is which weapon,which enemy and when do i pull the trigger.

Verdict:PainKiller:hell and Damnation is a cool fun game full of unending and some times undying horde's of enemies.Although the old fans of the series and the genre as a whole will be pleased,If you didn't like Serious Sam and older Painkiller's than you won't like this because it offers nothing new comparing to it's predecessors.

By hoseinz