Rayman Origins
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Co-op Gameplay

Rayman Origins is a 2d Side Scroller Developed and Published By Ubisoft. Rayman Origins has the most beautiful graphics for a 2D game. This game supports upto 4 players Co-op. The gameplay is simple that you have to save Electoons in every stage and the higher the score the more levels unlock fast. The game is very fun to play Co-op and the most inportant thing is that the gameplay is very Long which is good for us. The gameplay is childish but very fun that you get kind of addicted to the game. The story is very nice as compared to other 2D side scrollers that I have played. This game is very good if you want to pass your time without wasting it and playing some cool 2D game. And If played in Co-op the gameplay is even more fun. There are a lot of things about this game that I can't write here :) I give this game as compared to other 2D games 10/10. I suggest this game for everyone even if you are 2D games fan or not.

Rayman and Betilla