Duke Nukem 3D
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Killing him :D

Ever Thought Of The Real Legend Character In Gaming ? Duke Nukem It is. Duke Nukem Is the first game that I ever played in my life so I kind of love this more than any game in the world. The game is a FPS with good graphics of that time. The game is pure action with lots of stuff to explore and lots of Aliens to kill. The game's story is basic that some aliens invaded earth and now there is Duke Nukem to stop them. The game is very good when it comes to voice acting and gameplay is superb with pure action. Problem is that guns aren't much and you have to stick with a RPG, Pistol , Shotgun and a Machine Gun but there are some hidden weapons we have to find. Game's environment is amazing when it comes to finding something like a Keycard for a door. The game has no Map to show you where to go, like you are in a building and have to find a keycard to open a door but you don't even have a clue where it is so that is why this game is awesome. This game is pure action for me and you all will enjoy the boss fights and long campaign :) I suggest this game for everyone and I give this game a 10/10.

Throw it now :P