HP PS2 Standard Keyboard

Written by Core2Quad on Sat, Jan 12, 2013 6:38 PM

HP's PS2 Standard Keyboard. I have been using this keyboard for much time and all I can say is that its cheap and reliable and easy to use. The keys are a bit hard so while typing it might get uncomfortable to type. The overall design is very good and its quality is good. Its not to great for gaming but for ordinary use its perfect for anyone with any PC. This keybord will probably won't look good with a High end rig because of quality but for Mid-Range Rigs its a great keyboard and again I say its cheap. Its has no USB Cable. Its Made Of HP so it is a good keyboard. I have used many keyboard's but this one is so good that I have been using it for much time. When you use a Gaming Keyboard and then this one then you would feel the difference in buttons but if you use it for some time it gets easy and one more thing it has is very loud noise when you type something although I prefer low noise keyboards. I give this keyboard a 9/10 because of its quality, Price and Reliability. This keyboard is suggested for everyone if you like to use keyboard's other then Gaming Keyboards. Hope this keyboard will be good to you :D


  • Cheap Price
  • Good Quality


  • Hard Buttons



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