Fifa 13
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So here we are once again, this time it is EA sports Fifa 13. Let's check out what makes it better than the last game.

Released in 2012 the new game comes with some new features making it more challenging with the 'FIRST TOUCH' now no more perfect passes it all comes to the skills the better the player the better he will control the ball after recieving the pass and it also depends on the way it is passed. The new AI will make the attack more dangerous with the CPU controlled player creating chances. This year the game has an ESPN scoreboard to make it look more authentic.

As always the gameplay is all we want so the new features make it better than before now there is a seperate commentator(Geoff Shreeves) for injuries and in manager mode yet another to tell the results of that days fixtures and now not only the scores flash during a career game but now the commentator(Alan McInally) will tell who scored the goal or who got sent off.

As every good thing this game has a some negative points. CAMP NOU IS NOT PRESENT IN THE GAME. All other things are just like previous year's game just a little bit overhaul. Some new teams like Saudi Arabia's league and National teams like India have been added to the game. Now there are some skill tests before the beginning of a match like passing, dribbling, etc.

There is an introduction of new kinds of free kick taking techniques like you can have upto three players for a freekick. Like last year there is no lan play. Piracy I suppose. The World XI is useless No Messi, Ronaldo,etc. The refs now book the players in a wall for breaking the laws. Like earlier versions you can unlock kits for team and celebrations.

A new feature in the career mode is added. Yes now you can take charge of the national teams also and qualify them tfor 2014 World Cup.

I think I ran out of things which I was about to write. So play it to know it.

LET's Fifa 13(can't remember the new slogan).