Toy Story 3

Written by Core2Quad on Sun, Jan 13, 2013 11:44 AM
Where does Toy Story 3 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
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How well optimised is Toy Story 3 for PC? 10

My Favourite Movie Is "Toy Story" which I think is the best movie in the world. I love the movie Toy story so much that I like anything related to Toy story. The movie is a masterpiece and yes I thik everyone in this world would like Toy story the Movie. When I heard a game was being developed I got excited. When the game was released I went to get it and came and installed it. When I was installing it I thought the game might me better than the movie but when I launched the game everything I thought was wrong. The game is a console port with no Graphics settings only resolution , V-sync and AA setting is there. The graphics are a lot worse then the Xbox and PS3 version of the game. The game has the same story as the movie Toy story 3 but there are additional scenes in the game. The game's story mode is kind of short but too much fun if you like games like Hercules and Tarzan etc because its gameplay is kind of like them. Then there is a toy box mode in which you have so many side missions and you can roam there and unlock new things for the Toy box's town. There are only three playable characters in the Toy box mode 1-Woody The Cowboy 2-Buzz Lightyear 3- Jessie the Cowgirl. The story mode in some missions have any one of them and in other mission another one of them. The game has a lot to explore and side missions are just awesome. This game is pretty good but only main thing is that graphics suck. But graphics aren't the only thing a game should have. I give this game for its fun and adventure 10/10. I suggest this game for all.


  • A lot of side missions
  • Fun to Explore
  • Adventourous


  • No Graphics settings.



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