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Now comes PES 13. The primary rival for Fifa series PES released this October by Konami has a great improvement over its last year versions. Now the new player ID makes the players like Ronaldo, Messi behave like their real life counterparts. The new Goalkeeper animations are brilliant now I don't need to curse the keeper for standing on the line or putting the ball into his own net but can only praise for his amazing saves. The pro active AI makes the game more challenging as the CPU creates good scoring chances. The graphics are as awesome as usual which makes it feel as close as real game of soccer. My friend told me that his grandpa wasn't able to make out if it was a real match or a game until the markers appeared over the players, this is the beauty of its graphics. As usual the game has UEFA license and the refs have the real UEFA kits. The gameplay has a little flaw as the refree books a player even for a little foul.

The manager mode of this game features new things like pre match updates on opponents and items to improve player skills. The game has a new feature in which the signing looks more realastic as it shows the newly signed player perform before the crowd. Teams like Bayern Munich are introduced for which we have waited. These were the positive points about this game.

Here comes the negative remarks:

The transfers are not properly done, shows the carelessness of Konami, as usual the license of many teams is not there so we have to use fake teams. The gameplay is not good when compared to Fifa 13. The matches appear less fluid when compared to fifa. They tried to make a simulator but ended up making it a lot complicated. As usual the lack of mouse makes it a bit difficult to change the in game settings. It seems a bit odd but the Dutch team is not the real one, even though players like Robben and Van Persie are present in game but do not appear in the national team. The Brazilian team is not having Kaka. The kit numbers are not correct, only LA LIGA is licensed and the teams have the player who have retired.

Overall the Game is good although the gameplay is not satisfying. A nicely optimised game as it looks better than fifa and needs less resources. So if you are a guy looking for graphics and is not a die hard football fan this is your game.