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Rumours about the upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC was lighting up during last few days, but now it has become official. Activision has confirmed the DLC, and it seems like most of the rumours that we've heard has become true. This upcoming DLC is going to be named as 'Revolution'. It's the first DLC that is going to be featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In another words, there are more DLCs to come...

Now, when we look in to the content on this DLC. There are going to contain 4 brand new multiplayer maps, a new game mode, a new zombie coop map, going along with a new weapon.

These brand new four multiplayer maps are going to be named as, Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage.


Firstly let's take a look at Hydro. Map Hydro is going to take a place on a Pakistan at a hydroelectric facility. Well, the map sounds very simple, but there is a challenging part on this map, there is a spillway that floods from time to time, just like the train that runs through the rail road from time to time in Express multiplayer map. If you are in the spillway while it's being flood, you'll get pushed down the spillway and die.

Then the Grind, which takes place on a skate park with not usual edges we see in many maps but curvy edges giving players more challenging with making the player less secure and more chance to get shot. But, this map isn't for skate boarding, but shooting. We cannot be sure if Treyarch will create a skate boarding mode. In another words, you can shoot enemy while skating later on or at least a modder will.

Downhill is considered as a special map since it brings back winter environments going along with snow for the first time in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Downhill takes place in a ski resort. Seems very similar to the multiplayer map from it's sequel named Summit. Just as in Hydro, there are more moving objects in this map too. Instead of moving water, in this map we've moving cable cars. If you get in front of one, instead of using it for your travelling, you'll get crushed over or pushed you out of the mountain by one. It looks like most of the maps in this DLC seem to take place in sport enviroments.

As for the final map in this DLC's multiplayer maps, we've Mirage. Mirage takes place in a luxury house that was swept by a sandstorm. Sandstorm caused this map to have many sanddunes. Those sand dunes give this multiplayer map more variety. You get to use theses sand dunes as a fastway to travel between places and also you could use them as hiding spots too.


Then heading over to the new coop zombie map. It's named as Die Rise. Die Rise was also featured on it's sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Die Rise is expected to take place in Far East with lots of towers. Die Rise is also expected to feature element of verticality for the first time.


One of the most exciting content on this DLC is most likely to be the new mode that is going to be featured with this, it's called 'Turned'. Turned is expected to bring a one of the things that most of the fans were waiting to see. Which is to play as a zombie instead of surviving against artificial intelligent zombies. Now, since the zombies are more smarter, it'll be much harder to survive.

In 'Turned' you're either going to be the surviving one lonely human, or a zombie. If you're a zombie, your objective is to infect human. If you do infect the human; human is going to respawn as a zombie and the zombie is going to be spawned as the one lonely surviving zombie. As for the one lonely surviving human, your job is to kill every zombie that is trying to attack you and kill/infect you in to one of them.


As for the final content on this DLC, we've a weapon. This is the first time that a weapon is going to be featured on a DLC for a Call of Duty title. The weapon is named as 'Peacekeeper'. Peacekeeper is gun that breaks down in to the sub machine gun catogry, to be precise a assault rifle like sub machine gun. Nothing about this SMG has been announced yet, such as how powerful the gun it, and so on. We cannot be sure if it'll be very similar to the MP7 Sub machine gun from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which was considered as an overpowered gun by many players.


Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Revolution will be available to public for purchase or season pass owners on January 29th 2013 for Xbox 360. Not any release date information for other platforms has been announced yet.

Survive a huge wave of Zombies in Die Rise!