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Written by GameBoy27 on Mon, Jan 14, 2013 5:34 AM
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Welcome, everyone to the 4th review of my GD life. Look at the game's name. It's "Game-Debate's birthday" Sounds weird? Well it should so! Let me make it clearer.

We get lots of reviews on GD every month. But why don't we write an article based on our feelings about this favourite website of ours. That's why I started this and I didn't know if there were any other way to write a review on "Game-Debate" than choosing this "Game-Debate's birthday" as the key game.

We love this website. If I am to say, I'd say that this website helped me with many things. Getting help about gaming & technology is nowhere easier than here. I've always been good with tech stuffs, but after coming to GD I felt like I have a lot to learn! This website has a large community. We've never seen each other let alone met, but we're friends on GD, what more is needed? A gamer's life is always full of fun. But when lots of gamers come to the same place... it's nothing like anything. So GD is a website you once enter you can hardly forget it... may be you can't.

So a summary about GD would be like this, "Game-Debate aka GD is an all in one gaming website. Here you can get help, provide help, learn become wiser and you never feel alone... cause the largest gaming community makes this Game-Debate something more than just a gaming website.


  • Gaming at the best
  • Great friends
  • Just AWESOME!


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