Stranded II
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Stranded II is an adventure game, where players assume the role of a man stranded on a mysterious island after your yacht crashes in a storm. Dizzy and disorientated, your goal is to survive long enough to find your way off... 
The game was released in 2008. Created by German Developer, Unreal Software.

1. The first island.

You bought an boat and want to test it out but your yacht crashes in a storm. At first you will have to make a hammer, with it you can build many things, after some time you can build more and more. At first you will need to survive, just survive. But as you are building you will find an key, and a map of the island! So you go to a place marked with X and dig it but an pirate appears! He wants an new parrot, if you give him a new parrot, he will help you to go on a other island!

2. The second island

So you come here with that pirate. He will give you some tasks so he can build something. You get those things for him. And then when you are tired you go to sleep. But as you wake up the pirate is gone! So you look for him but you can’t find him! But then you will find a letter from the pirate. You will read that he tricked you! But he gives you a hint. He says that there’s a rock and the rock can make you travel! So you find the rock, but the rock teleports you to another island, a very weird one.

3. The third island.

So you are here, in a very weird island. But soon you will find out that there are many dinosaurs! You will need to get away from them, they are faster than you, and can kill you with ease. But you will find a bow and 300 arrows to help you to survive. So after you found some crystals, then you find out that you have to collect 10 crystals so you can get away from the island.

4. The fourth island.

Now you travel again. This time you are on a bigger island. You lost all of your items! So you got to build some things again! Then you go and explore the island and find an old guy. He will give you the opportunity to enter one village on the island. Then you go to the village, but they won’t let you in, to let you in they want you to give some items to them. So then you need to collect all those items, and then give the items to them, and you can enter the village! Then you speak to them. And then they will create a boat for you! And you will need to wait 14 days for them to finish.  But again there are some problems and so you need to help them to solve the problems. After you solve it, just wait 14 days! If you are bored, then just speak to the others, one of them will give you a map, so you can find some treasures. After they build the boat, again a problem!  The boat needs fuel.  They will give it to you if you do something for them, so you do it and you are off!

5. The fifth island.

You travel and you hope to get home but your boat hits a rock. Then you need to collect 7 iron and then you finish the game!


Some other good things about this game is that you can build your own island easily! Even your own scripts, mods.

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