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As the 14th edition to the series, Danger Close Games and EA bring you yet another edition to the "MoH" series, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


The story focuses on two Navy SEALs of AFO Neptune, namely Mother and Preacher. The game also focuses on their family life back at the States to reveal the family men behind the warriors.

The game won't be based on a specific battle, instead focusing on real-world events!


With the highly rated Frostbite 2 Engine, Medal of Honor: Warfighter doesn't only look amazing, it feels amazing. The audio feels "natural" and blends well to the environment around you.

The menu seems boring and outdated, but doesn't get in the way of a great experience!


The entire game operates like a movie, one moment you might think that you are watching another boring cut scene, in the next, your living it. Medal of Honor: Warfighter adds player controlled cut scenes that make the game a thrill. You can tell that the level design is lacking, when you are in a big open area and there are multiple places to take cover; which usually means that several enemies will attack you. The level design is a big part to the game and makes in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, look rushed and highly predictable.




Weapons: The weapons in Medal of Honor: Warfighter give you a great edge of action throughout the campaign and multiplayer. A total of 50 deadly weapons right at your arsenal:

870 MCS



C4 Demolition charge







Mk19 Grenade Launcher

Remote Charge


TAC50 Sniper


and much more!


Combat: From putting a .50 cal bullet through your enemies head, to ripping their guts out with a tomahawk (yeah, you can do that...). Medal of Honor: Warfighter will make sure that the experience is yours to keep. Breaching into enemy territories has never been so easy before, choose from a number of different ways to blast that door open and shoot some skulls! Headshots will earn you more ways to breach further on in the game, which is a great addition to the game play. Headshots do come in cheap and realistic; their easy to get and kill enemies immediately, but do waste you a lot of bullets. Driving is a big part to this game and seems like EA is thrilled with the idea, but this does get boring when you only have to drive straight and the environment seems the same. When sniping the wind will blow you shot away to where your instincts have to kick in, at most times, hard to determine where the bullet will land.


Plot: The game opens at an undisclosed ship dock in Karachi, Pakistan. Task Force Mako is the newly designated team consisting the previously known U.S. Navy SEALs of Mother, Preacher, and Voodoo, who are assigned by DEVGRU to sabotage a black market arms deal, involving with an Al-Qaeda linked jihad movement.


The SEALs determine that the shipment was due for the Philippines after a car chase through the streets of Karachi, and quickly follow the lead to Isabela City, the provincial capital of Basilan, in the southern part of the Philippine Islands. During the height of a typhoon-induced flood, members of the Abu Sayyaf kidnap several hostages for ransom.


The physics of the game seem realistic but have a hard time getting around. You most likely will experience several glitches as well as enemies constantly getting stuck in objects after they die. Most objects are destroyable (walls, windows, cars etc.) and make you feel as if you were actually there. The lighting in Medal of Honor: Warfighter brings you to its very tip and shadows feel as real as ever.


The voice acting sounds good enough to believe, but could use a lot of work, due to the fact that you hear your teammates say the same thing over and over again. The music is dramatic and fits well with the game, EA has also released a soundtrack from the game and has gotten good ratings for it.



- You will find yourself shouting at your screen for the damage you take, it is nothing like popular titles: Call of Duty or Far Cry 3, because you will die from 1-5 shots and it is wise to think about if you want to be Rambo, or think before you act.

- Glitches

- Breaching actions are too easy to achieve

- Voice acting could be better

- AI, movement not realistic

- Driving parts seem boring and useless

- A lot of missions seem the same and it feels like the story is falling apart

- Heavily armored enemies seem impossible to kill at some points

- Level Design

- Not a lot of color in the game


- Graphics, Frostbite 2 Engine

- Story

- Controllable Cut scenes

- Realistic sounds

- Good physics

- Good use of 3rd and 1st person views

- Weapons

- Combat

- OK plot, seems similar to past shooters

- ADS seem a lot more realistic from other shooters, especially snipers.


Don't give up on the game just yet, there is a entire other side to Medal of Honor: Warfighter, join the fight in multiplayer! battle with your friends, conquer your foes and most importantly, keep up with your stats on EA's BATTLELOG!




-Physics: 7/10


-Singleplayer: 6/10

-Multiplayer: 7/10

SOUND 9/10

-Acting: 8/10


Overall: 6/10


Be sure to check out Medal of Honor: Warfighter at http://www.medalofhonor.com/


- iippo1998


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