Crysis 3
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The screen arts are good.

Okay guys as you already know Crysis 3 is gonna be released soon. So, today I would like to give you guys some different point of view about that game's System Requirements. As already stated in GD this game has a healthy amount of Power Requirement so I thought about it for sometime and this is what I got.


The system requirements given are way TOO high high enough for approx. 90% people can not run it. But there is still that console factor so what I think is that those requirements are just to keep people waiting and when it is released we may know that those Hi-Performance requirements are for 3 HD 3D monitor setup and it may run on almost every modern PC. So, either EA is making a game that only 8% PC gamers would buy (-2% due to every ones favourites and other reasons) or EA is making a game that is so customisable with Graphics that it can MELT down a 8800GT as well as a GTX 680 under different circumstances. 


I just hope EA uses the CryEngine to its Max so that we get another BENCHMARK quote: Can you run Crysis 3 on Medium?

As well as the cover