Before I begin to write this review I would like to let everyone know that this is solely based off of my own opinions and if you do not argee with me then so be it. Now moving on. 

I honestly feel that this was just a watered down NFS to make up for NFS: The Run. This is not like the NFS that you grow up playing, but it still has the NFS feel. Me myself being a 20 year old young adult would have love to seen a customization ability added to the cars other than the fact that I can upgrade parts right from the "Free Run" mode without having to go to a shop or garage. I would have love the ability to at least change the color of the cars and rims, but the detail makes up for it. 

The actual gameplay of the game is enjoyable if you can make it past customization. The layout of the map and the way it was design is excellent. You can be anywhere from driving along a beach up to shooting off a unfinished highway ramp onto or over a road. Not only is it fun to just drive around and just enjoy the map, you can always perform an act of mischief and create a highspeed chase with the police. Personally, being that I live in New York and still am young, who wouldn't want to take a $100,000 car and just go on a highspeed chase, hitting cars and making jumps, with the police for pure pleasure with no regrets seeing how you cannot go to jail for it or even get a ticket. This also helps you work on getting the main goal of the game complete.

Your goal is to become the most wanted driver in the game. This is just as easy as said because gaining SP in this game isn't that hard to get. I've gain most of my SP just racing around and having fun. With the more SP you get you will find yourself challenging other wanted drivers in the game. Once you get use to the system of the game the races will become easier and easier. Learning when to time your drifts or using the ability to change your car parts in the middle of a race and if timed correctly you take over face.


All in all the reason it received such a low rating from me is because I feel it was watered down with the lack of customization. Even though it did make up for it in visual and overall layout I feel that customization is a dealbreaker for me in most racing games. I hope you were able to learn something from this review.

I'm Chewii and have a great day :D