Not really a Most Wanted, is it?

Written by GameBoy27 on Fri, Jan 18, 2013 5:15 AM
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So here comes my review on Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2". I know its a bit late, but I still feel like to express my opinions.

The new Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 released this year has got a mixed response from the gamers though most of them thought this game is not worth it's name. So here I am expressing my opinions on this game and at the same time I shall take some time to compare this to the original Most Wanted released in 2005.

Let's first think about the "Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)". After a hit "Underground 2", this one gave us another mind blowing gaming experience which made this game to be considered as the best NFS ever. Free roam more perfect than the previous, car driving, graphics- everything improved and the best of all the game's story. I think it was pretty much good enough to make Most Wanted one of the best racing game ever played.

But on the other hand Most Wanted 2 frustrated most gamers including me for its major problems in gaming. Let's analyze the game's main properties and see how good or bad it was:

    Pros: The graphics came as expected. High requirements made the gamers hope of great graphics and sound. Well we were not frustrated with the game's graphics and sound system rather we were happy to see such graphics as expected. EasyDrive is another new feature which looked good to me.

    Cons: Now let's come to the points which let this game down. First of all the gameplay is never like I expected. Car control was not so good. Getting 'CRASHED' now and then is another thing never expected by racing game lovers. Some people said that it's like "ONE SHOT DEAD" and my opinion is not different. It's like the police cars touch your car and you're busted in a zippy. Another major drawback is that the game's optimization is really poor. Even highly strong gaming rigs failed to get a smooth gaming experience because the FPS drops suddenly. And the low and mid-class rigs fail to get playable FPS let alone play it smoothly. The game's story didn't make any sense to me and also the gameplay is not so long.

So that's my opinions about this game. Some may oppose to me but I think this game has enough reasons to be a flop like this. And the game's name… I think it doesn't deserve this name, rather it insults the name of the original Most Wanted(2012).


  • Great graphics
  • Vast room to drive


  • Bad optimization
  • Short gameplay
  • Not a good story



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05:51 Jan-18-2013

very well written man, you explain the main deficits of the game.