Tomb Raider
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The game looks Exciting...

       Tomb Raider is an Upcoming Action/Adventure game from Square Enix. The game is set to release on March 5 2013 for PC, XBOX 360 and PS3. The game is an Open World and also contains RPG elements and Stealth. I was utterly disappointed with previous title of the game Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, which failed to impress me in all ways. The Tomb Raider games are one of the greatest Adventure games i have ever played. So lets see what would the Upcoming game in the series promises...


       The Story of the game goes back to the days when Lara had just finished her Academy and was in search of Lost Artifacts. As usual Wherever Lara Goes Adventure follows her, as her ship crashes due to a Storm and she finds herself in a Stranded Island off the coast of Japan, separated from her shipmates. Her main mission is to survive and find the other Survivors of The ship. Well it seems easy, but she will not be alone as the Scavengers of the Island are in her hunt and her friends. She should survive by finding some food and water as well as search for Companions. Just Armed with Raw Instincts Lara begins her adventure from a frightened young lady to a hardened Young Croft.The primary weapon seems to be a Bow and Arrows, which is a lot compared to nothing in hand and which is very helpful to hunt animals and keep Lara Alive. Just like Assassin's Creed 3 and many other games, Hunting Animals for food is a new addition.There will also be other weapons in the game to make the combat better. There will also be some new characters in the game like Captain Conrad Roth, who is the captain of the ship. He also plays an important part in the game in hardening Lara. The gameplay looks fresh and rather unique compared to other Tomb Raider games. Its just not about finding Artifacts, but also Surviving. There will also be lots of side quests to keep us busy during the game. The also would have Multiplayer features, which is for the first time introduced in this series. 

        The Graphics of the game look promising and improved. The game uses Modified Crystal Engine to give the gamers more realistic Gameplay and Action. Lara also undergone some new changes, which makes her look prettier than before. The Environment also looks better and even more Tense. 

So overall i am very excited for the game and the game sure looks promising with new and unique Gameplay and Graphics.

So my Fellow GD'ers Are you Ready for The Survival!?

Finally some food...