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Prince of Persia



Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time is a third-person action-adventure game released on November 21, 2003, and it is undoubtedly the base of success for the P.O.P. trilogy, packed with excellent 3d graphics and animations, it introduced a whole new genre of physical acrobatic sequences, utterly ferocious fighting skills, and the ability to manipulate time. This game has truly pushed the ‘action-adventure game’ genre to a whole new level. If you play the game thoroughly, you will surely be convinced to consider this game as the best game of the Prince of Persia series.


Plot & Storyline



The main success of this game lies in its remarkable plot; you take the role of an unnamed young and courageous yet charming Prince who is the main protagonist of the story. You get to recover the sacred and mystical Dagger of Time from Maharaja’s Palace, which gives you magical powers and abilities, like rewinding the time to undo your mistakes so that you can get another chance to do things in the right way, the dagger can also freeze time and it also enables you to do special attacks upon your enemies, which really gives a thrust of enthusiasm to the plot. The antagonist, The Vizier is an evil-minded person who tricks the Prince and wishes to become immortal, and uses the magical dagger to release the Sands of Time from the mysterious hourglass, and turns everyone into sand monsters except for the prince, Farah the Indian Princess, and himself. Farah is the daughter of the Maharajah; she eventually teams up with the Prince and aids him throughout his adventures, the most delicate and interesting part is that, they developed special feelings towards each other! Even though her palace is sacked and devastated by the Persians, together they embarked on a quest to undo the doings of Vizier. The story is masterfully spawned throughout the game which lets you develop a thirst to finish the game.





The game-play focuses on acrobatics, agility and extensively well defined combat style. Throughout the game, you can run on the walls both horizontally and vertically with ease, You have to avoid traps, climb structures and pillars and jump from platform to platform, solve puzzles, you may get lost or confused at some times, but it doesn’t take much time to figure out the right path.

The prince has plenty of acrobatic combat moves in his bag of tricks, like leaping over an enemy's head to strike him from behind, using the scenery to knock enemies down, back-flipping and rolling away from sword blows, and parrying and thrusting like an accomplished swordsman and many more. You will get different swords as the primary weapon for prince at certain points of level, you will be able to regain hp by drinking water, The character modeling is unfortunately repetitive in-case of the sand monsters, but that can be easily ignored considering the graphics reach environment.  





Well, frankly this is the best P.O.P. game I have played till now; a swift adventure through the mythic Persia, featuring unexpected twists and turns, exotic and vividly defined environment, and it creates an astounding possibility for us to perform gravity-defying acrobatics, fight with ferocious combat skills, and the ability to bend time to fulfill prince’s destiny. The story of the game is undoubtedly incomparable and the ending was superb.

Although you have to solve puzzles to reach a new level (which can be confusing), you will be surprised and also satisfied after finishing the puzzles. Ubisoft has done some good programming works to justify this game subjectively and to give us the best enjoyable gaming expirene and to revive the P.O.P. series.

Lastly this is a must play game in P.O.P. series ( well all the P.O.P. games are ‘must play’ games ) if you play the game you will know what I meant about – “Just call me Kakolukia”

Combat style