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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is an amazing game created by an indie developer known as "Torn Banner Studios". This game has amazing AAA graphics for being a indie developers creation, the gameplay is unique but the concept of the overall story which is basically the "Agatha Knights" Vs. The "Mason Order" or Good Vs. Evil is quite generic for many video games of today. The game also contains unique game modes such as "Last Team Standing" and a "Team objective" game mode that really consists of multifarious objectives you must complete depending on the side you are on as well as what map you are playing on, but the server navigation for online multiplayer games can sometimes be cumbersome. Speaking of it's online multiplayer that's really it, there's not much of a single-player unless you play training or play against & with a bunch of unsophisticated bots. The game is also quite new so due to that reason there are still quite a few bugs and glitches to be worked out but once that is taken care of as well as the sometimes cumbersome server navigation the game will be given in my opinion a 10/10 instead of the current 8.5 rating.