DMC: Devil May Cry
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DmC : Devil May Cry Review


DmC has changed, Dante has changed, the developer changed, even his awesome white hair has changed. Ninja Theory has been given the huge responsibility of delivering a reboot of Capcom’s beloved devil may cry series, is this reboot a total disaster or has the devil cried tears of joy? Find out in this review…

DmC : Devil May Cry is set in an alternate universe where Dante’s hair is black, and the world is controlled by demons, who kept the people fat and stupid by feeding them energy drinks and constantly watching and lying to them via a giant news network. So, after a night of booze and sex, young Dante finds a girl named Kat in his door step telling him that he is being hunted down, and she wants him to join ‘the order’ a group of freedom fighters willing to stop the demons reign of terror, in which he will find out more about his half demon, half angel heritage, his twin Vergil and the demons’ grip on mankind. As you may have noticed the New Dante is a total Douchebag, arrogant, over confident, and not giving a sh*t about anything, but that is what Ninja Theory is trying to capture. This reckless, directionless youth finding out about his past, and giving him a reason to care as the story progresses, and by the end of the game, you might actually like him. Kat is a surprisingly welcomed addition to the bunch, as she’s more than just you’re regular love interest, and is actually a lot more likable than I thought she would be, Vergil is redesigned as well, and looks cool most of the time, especially when he’s not wearing that stupid hat.

The gameplay is split up into two parts, the combat sections and platforming sections, the former is the bread and butter of this game, where the combat is meaty, fast paced, varied, and challenging (though not as much as previous titles as I was told) some old school knick-knacks return, such as the Style! Rating as well as the red orbs. Dante has three forms, human, Demon, and Angel, each has its own weaknesses and strengths, and sometimes the combat forces you to change your tactics with certain enemies or certain levels. The level design of limbo is also something beautiful, it’s constantly shifting environment looks amazing, I could admire it even more if it weren’t always trying to crush me or drop me down a hundred foot gorge. And that’s where the platforming comes in, sometimes when the walls are coming closer towards you or the floor is falling apart, it probably means you should run, jump, glide, and use your demon or angel hooks, I enjoy these sections very much, they’re tense, terrifying and overall really fun. The game has some memorable and amazing boss battles as well, one of which was fighting a news man inside those spinning globe backgrounds on the news, and the replay value is also very high since there are collectables in each level that can only be accessed once you have the right weapons, if that wasn’t enough, for hardcore gamers, they can replay the game on super high difficulties, including one where Dante dies after just one hit.

The graphics in the game are powered by the Unreal Engine, so it’s very hardware minimalistic but looks pretty nonetheless, sigh, who am I kidding, this game looks amazing, the graphics are stunning and the fact that I could run it on my rig is even more awesome, it complements the amazing level design, as well as some of those cinematic magic that only Unreal can manage, some animations look stiff though, but everything else is awesome.

The music in the game comes from Noisia, and Combichrist, both European bands, but very different from one another, one might think this is a total disaster and should probably mute the speakers, especially since I don’t really like this type of music, but when you’re fighting hordes of demons, and smashing their heads with a big ass sword, this is the music you gotta listen to, there’s this fire that lights up the moment the music kicks in, and it makes you mash the buttons a little harder, and might result in some head banging as well.

People are afraid of change, and the old DmC veterans proved that, maybe that’s why I love this game so much, because I’m new to DmC, or maybe people just need to face the facts that change doesn’t always bring something bad, hey that’s what they said when they invented the light bulb right? Right? Well, one thing is certain new DmC rocks, and I cannot wait for the sequel.