Thomas Was Alone
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There is a big emphasis on storytelling

Alot of games these days are focused on amazing 3D graphics that require alot of computing power to play but Mike Bithell, a solo independant game developer thought outside of the box !


You start off as Thomas, a lonely Red Rectangle who seems to be trapped in a strange world with no-one to play with ! You begin to explore your surroundings, taking in dangers and tips as you go along. You start to learn that water is dangerous and that spikes aren't good at all. Poor Thomas is still alone , but not for long. In the distance you see something !, An orange square !!'Chris' can't jump as high or run as fast as Thomas and Thomas makes the most of this. He feels superior, he feels like he's ontop. You have to switch between Chris and Thomas to complete the puzzles, all of this is explained by the amazing narration by Danny Wallace that makes you feel like a child getting a story read to you before bed. It really adds alot to the game!!

The once alone Thomas starts meeting new friends who are all special in a different way, John can jump very high and move like lightning. Claire ' The Superhero ' can float in water unlike anyone else. Laura is like a trampoline to help the other characters reach otherwise inaccessible areas ! James is an interesting character, he is nearly identical to Thomas except from he's green and falls up instead of down ! and finally sarah , the smallest of them all but can double jump so it doesn't bother her. She actually feels superior !! You start to feel attached to them and start to think of them as people.

10 chapters of 10 levels gives alot of story to play but once you have finished there's not alot to do, hopefully new levels or new modes are added as DLC but it doesn't affect the overall game too much. I feel it was smart to cut the levels down to chapters as you don't feel like you have been playing for a long time. 

Thomas Was Alone is well worth playing, a free demo is available on Steam, Desura, IndieCity or by direct download. For only £5.99 you get a game that lasts longer tham most AAA titles and impacts you harder.

You have to get the characters into the designated slots