Fifa 13
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Over my years of gaming  there was not a single year without a football game.It's logical considering my love for this sport.So today i'll review my last one,FIFA 13.

The looks

I feel the need to say this from the start.FIFA 13 looks great.The models of the players and their movements look awesome and very realistic.The way the action flows and in match atmosphere are excelent and superior to the new pes in my opinion.In this sector i give it a 10.


This time EA made AI better and as a result the players movement in the pitch is better than the previous games of the series.Also the times you"ll think "what a bug" are far less than fifa 12.Playing with a gamepad that has analog sticks is highly recomended in order to have the best experience.Everyone who is familiar with this kind of games will know the in game modifications you can do to your squad and how you want your team to play and perform.Of cource they are all here with multiple combinations.


You can play fifa in 2 modes apart from the "friendly match"with your friends.You can choose to be a footballer and when you retire from your career you can become a manager or you can play as a manager from the start.I play as a manager and i can say i am amazed of how great this game's database is.It has 23 leagues and many second divisions too(England has 4 divisions).As a result there is a huge amount of players for transfers and many jobs as a manager.You can make your own youth academy with your scouters,you can manage an international team at the same time,you can leave the team for another one,basically anything you want.This is where fifa 13 shine..Its depth in career.

The problems

Sadly there are problems like glitches and crashes.For example i was forced to restart my career because the game could not get past a certain date on the calendar.I searched it and many players had this problem.I think such problems are unacceptable for a title this big.


FIFA 13 is the best football game i've played.It may not be perfect but it's as close as it gets.