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Check this out guys. Ive been drooling over Neverwinter for some time, scouring google daily for a beta key, because I dont know about you but $200 for beta access is WAY to much. Well heres what i found.

Super simple and I promise it works. Its as easy as:

Sign up for a free trial of PcGamer on the Google Play store (doesnt even immediately charge your credit card)

Open up the Latest Issue of PcGamer (youll need Google Chrome or an Android Device to do so)

Go to this link: Make sure to use the same email and billing information you used above to get your trial to PcGamer. Also it will ask you a random question about the current issue of PcGamer and give you the Page number it can be found on. Be Sure to enter it in all lower case.

Check your email and verify your email.

Now for the fun part! The next email you receive will include a "unique code"

Go to the Perfect world Entertainment website and login, if you dont have an account make one.

Go to your account page and click Redeem Beta Keys. Enter your "unique code" this should ask to redirect you to the neverwinter beta registration page. Click where it says "click here" enter your unique code again.

Accept the NDA

DONE! you now have Neverwinter Beta Access and an Exclusive Mount.

You can even Go and cancel your PcGame Subscription on google play if you want!