Have you ever wanted to be a truck driver, no ! ?, well you can anyway with Euro Truck Simulator 2. Well you must want to start and run your own freight company, no again !, well you can do both by just sitting at your desk. Euro Truck Simulator is a truck simulation game only avaiable for PC, drive all across europe delivering cargo to a number of countries. There is nothing better than driving from where you live, seeing all the famous landmarks on the way. You have to manage finances and even other drivers that you can hire to help you with deliveries, you get speeding tickets for going too fast in certain places, Charges for causing crashes, all in all it's a very detailed simulator ! Euro Truck Simulator will run on all modern rigs that have atleast a 2.4GHz dual core processor , 256mb of graphics memory and 2gb of computer memory ( RAM ), so if you have bought a computer in the past few years it should run perfectly fine.




Testing rig

AMD FX 6100                                                                                                                                                                                             8GB DDR3 1333MHz Ram                                                                                                                                            AMD HD6670 1Gb 

Like stated above Euro Truck Simulator runs very well on most modern Pc's, at the default settings it runs at a smooth 60fps on my rig. This paired with the very nice graphics makes it a pleasure and wonder to play and thats not even talking about the water effects on the windshield. I can hands - down say it's the nicest water effect I've ever seen in a game.


The Other Stuff 

Euro Truck Simulator is on steam for £24.99 and can also be bought direct for £23, I would recommend just buying it on steam. It's good to have all your games in one place :D A demo is also available on both sites. 



overall Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a very fun game which is definitely worth the money, with the fun gameplay and beautiful graphics the time definitely flies when your having fun !

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