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This game is just plane amazing, You can spend hours, Days even crafting your own little world too play around in, But for Me it's the survival mode that makes this game something really amazing. In survival mode you are givin the task too create shelter, Find Food, And too create various equipment and item's among other things. The survival mode has a very lonely feel many people neglect too mention, It create a very scary atmnosphere and can be very intense, Even though the creature's are just blocks (Almost Lego esque) Things they manage too pretty horrorifying at times, Particulary Enderman (A spin on the popular Slenderman) And as much as it may seem I am joking this is one of My top 10 Scariest games that I have played, And I have played many horror games in the past. But with that said Minecraft is a very charming game that can appeal too both Hardcore Gamer's and Casual one's. There are other modes for those just want too build things but as I said the gameplay shines most in Survival mode. There is also online modes but I must point the online system for this game is very shotty for Me, I had spent a very long amount of time too setup a private server for Me and My friend too play online only too fail, I would think this being a game that has made millions of dollars they would work on improving that but it would seem they have not intent on setting up a better multiplay component, It could of just been Me not doing something right so please don't take what I said about the multiplay seriously it's just My Two Cent's on it, Try it out for yourself and see if you have better luck with it than I did. The multiplayer is really the only bad thing I have too say for this game I can confidently give it a 9/10