Dead Space 3
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Isaac and John!

The franchise which gave us chills in our back now gave us something else! Dead Space 3 feels more like Max Payne 3 in Space. First Thing you should know about is that if you are expecting to get the same scary experience as Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 so I gently tell you not to waste your money and get something else instead. In Dead Space 3 you once again get to play as Engineer Isaac Clarke the main protagonist of Dead Space 1 & 2. Now the story of the game is something like this : Living In Hiding Isaac Clarke the Main Protagonist of the game is visited by Captain Robert Norton Sergeant John Carver the people who need Isaac's help to destroy the Necromorph Origin , a marker on a cold and icy planet called Tau Volantis. Isaac refuses to help but after they tell him that his friend Ellie Lang-ford (Isaac's Girlfriend in Dead Space 2) is in trouble and then Isaac agrees to help them. Its good that before starting the game the cinematic remind you about the story of Dead Space 1 and 2 so that you should remember the whole plot and I liked this kind of attempt to fill the story. Now what I don't like about the game is that the game isn't scary at all except for the one scare that you will get in the start of the game. This made me dishearten. The game now has a crouch system which will make you feel more like that you are playing a Third-Person Shooter game. The Game sometimes feels like Max Payne 3 in Space. In Dead Space 3 there is much more interaction with humans than in Dead Space 1 and 2 , which is kind of good too. Now the Main thing which we all care about is Optimization : The Game is extremely well optimized. Not as much as DmC (2013) but still its well enough that most of us with some average Rig's can max it or play at high with good FPS. Graphics : Graphics are for me better than Dead Space 1 & 2 , but still they are not what you expect from a game of 2013. But they are decent graphics. The Atmosphere of the game is very good. The Developers made pretty good Atmosphere of the game like the Icy Planet or sometimes a Dark Corridor and hanger bay's etc. But not all the environments look good. The Game-play : This time the shooting mechanism is much better than before. In old Dead Space games I sometimes got really angry because of the shooting and aiming system but this time as the developers made it more like a TPS game so shooting is much easier for all of us. The new weapon crafting and upgrading system really makes the combat fun. If you played the first two games then you will find Dead Space 3's combat most unique and satisfying. The story is forced. The Main Story is nothing as compared to first two games. Even I can write a better story in 10 minutes. Co-op Mode is also a great Add-on to the series. In Co-op mode you can play as Isaac and John Carver. In Co-op mode the story and dialogues and all other stuff is different and also there are some more things which are not in Solo Campaign. The Co-op mode is also very enjoyable. But the Co-op doesn't seem to scare you at all ! The Music and Sound Design of the game are superb. Sometimes in some places Dead Space 3 feels like Dead Space again. Now even if the game is not good enough as compared to old Dead Space games but I enjoy it too. The new combat system will make you play the game! This time you have to fight with humans more than Infected stuff. Now the conclusion is that if you are a fan of the series then you should get the game although it isn't scary at all but still you will enjoy the shooting very much! A good game but not a great one! Not What I expected.