Fifa 13
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Okay guys, this one is my first article. I wanna share about Lags Problems in FIFA 13 which are pretty often happened.

Sorry for my bad english, btw. I hope you all got what i'm trying to say and share.

Okay let's hit the first one:

"my CPU's or Notebook's specs are completely over the recommended setting. But why it still runs slow and there are many lags?"


1. Are you copy paste the game right away to your harddisk? if the answer yes, then you have to find the "right" installer.  Whatever ways you try to do in order to make it much better, you'll fail. Even you install all the exe. files in the installer folder. Find the right installer, and install it, -don't copy paste it (c'mon fifa isn't your english homeworks) because fifa and almost every games need their registries.

2. You have install it with the right installer, but still there are many lags. Check your internet connection. FIFA 13 is a game that need 24 hours internet connection (of course if you play online). If your connection is 256kbps, forget it and play offline. ~LOL If you have already install it but you forget that you have sucks internet connection, uninstall it and re-install it. but, make sure that your firewall have block the fifa exe, so your fifa can't connect to internet.

3. I play offline and there are still many lags. Okay, play fifa with medium or low setting. but it's rarely happened since you have recommended specs requirement.

The second one:

"The fifa have many lags and run slow, even i play offline.


1. Check your battery status. sometimes, to save energies, the computer's sytem order the Processor to work only at maximum 60% or under 100% of its can handle. Go to your battery symbol and click more power options. Change plan setting, change advance ... (i forget it but i'm pretty sure there is an "advance" word in there LOL). then in processor power management, maximum power state, make it 100%. but still, this is can't help too much.

2. Update your graphic driver to its latest version. The directX too.

3. if your cpu or notebook have 2 graphic cards, make sure that you use the right one. for example, in ASUS K46CM, there are 2 graphic cards installed inside it. Intel HD and NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M 2 GB. Usually, the system will automaticaly change the graphic to NVIDIA if is needed. But sometimes, in some case, it would not happened. So, go to nvidia control panel and change it manually. Contact your Graphic Card's vendor for the further information.

Okay, i think that is. If there's any critiques or questions i would appreciate it. And once again, sorry for my bad English. *teleport*