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Written by arthurjeron on Mon, Feb 11, 2013 7:03 PM
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How well optimised is Dead Space 3 for PC? 9.4

 Warning: Might contain spoilers for some

If You have played the previews Dead Space especially Dead Space 2 before you notice that the you are always in  a building ,a dark building which  is suppose to make it scary but Dead Space 3 is different.


 Dead Space 3 is very enjoyable with new combat move such as cover shooting,rolling and crouching but still no jumping but these new move comes in handy when you want to be stealthy that is avoiding patrolling enemies searching for you.Also,like the previous Dead Space games there is a bench for upgrade but this time for there is  crafting.Crating does not require money but  you just have to find  some  required materials, if you have trouble searching you will come across a scanvenger bot that will help you in search for them.A crafted weapon has a lower and a upper tip for example the upper could be a planet cracker weapon and the lower a javelin gun, they can all be upgraded at the bench.The Suit kiosk Like for upgrade for rigs as usuall but this time you don't have to buy siut, each suit will be given at the right time.The Engineers suit Isaac's default suit in Dead Space 2 and 3 is given to  those who have Dead Space 2 for loyalty.


 The combat is almost the same as in the previous but this time more engaging.The game encourages you to find the weak spot of enemies like shoot the limbs of necromorphs in the early stages is more efficient way of kill them but they might not work with other advanced necromorphs.Despit the necromorph wanting to rip your flesh into shreds, mercenaries also want to do that  this make a lot more enjoyable battle humans in the game.The were some compliant that the game was not  scary but that not true the game is even more scary, necromorphs are always charging at you  and when you trying to back away some will appear from behind


  The cutscenes are well fitted ,great visuals ,the sounds makes it even more scary and nice voice acting makes the game more unique.The Mission offers optional mission which some include Co-op mission which has some great rewardeds after completing.The Co-op is great and it adds to the sucess of the game.


 The Story continues form Dead Space 2 but with Elie as Isaac's former girlfriend and the main proragonist
 some sought of a religious leader wanting to use the marker to "unify" as he says all makind and got to discover the marker homeworld and Isaac and foes sought to destroy it.


  The games is very peridictable like when you call an elevator and is says malfunction failure then necromorphs will attack after you defeat them the problem will be fixed also after you are just about to complete a side mission you should expect an attack

 Above all,the game is superb and much enjoyable then the previous Dead Space and I definetly recommend for all to play it





  • Weapon crafting is great
  • Lots of combats
  • Co-op campaign is nice


  • Predictable



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