Dead Space 3
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The Alien machine which froze Tau Volantis and its Moon.

Dead Space 3 starts with Isaac on Earth who got seperated from Ellie and being depressed. Sergeant John Carver tells him that Ellie is missing and he and Captain Robert Norton need his help to find her. Isaac without hesitation agrees to help them. Just a little bit later an Unitologists attack Isaac ( The Marker Killer ) to stop him before he could destroy another Marker and Jacob Danik's plans to start a Necromorph outbreak on Earth. He hardly reaches the ship which takes him to Tau Volantis where they can see the wrecks of Ellies ship ( CMS Roanoke ) which is infested with Necromorphs. They get Ellies SOS signal which lets them able to know that she is alive and save her.  Isaac soon discovers that Tau Volantis is the Marker Home World. Despite Norton's protests that any such attempt would be a suicide mission, the team attempts to land on Tau Volantis.


The game has got many changes since the first and the second Dead Space. Crafting and the Suits are way more different. You get Suits while you are progressing in the game. Crafting has become complicated and rather frustrating to get the weapon that you want. You get Scavenger Bots whiches help you to gather resources for new equipment and upgrades. Also, you get the opportunity to play the story with a friend. Even though the game is not as scary as it always were, the story makes up for it. I think it's the best one yet. This game is a " must play " if you were in love with the other two.

Isaac and Carver