Dead Space 3
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In my previous review I mentioned the Crafting and Suit Kiosk changes. It's completely different from the first and the second Dead Space. This time you can fully customize your guns at the Bench. You can, but not have to craft 7 parts of the guns because you can find them during your game-play. These are the Upper- Lower Tool, Upper- Lower Tool Tip, the Two Attachments for the Upper and Lower parts of the gun. and Frame. It sounds fun, but it can be hard and frustrating to find enough resources for a specific gun. Personally, I had to spend 4 hours of gaming to finally build my Shotgun just to find out how useless it is. You can still upgrade your weapons with Upgrade Circuits which can be done by Nodes that you find in the game. It is similar to the boxes like in the previous games where you found Power Nodes. You can increase your Rate of Fire, Damage, Clip size, Reload speed and the combination of 2 maximum which can be positive for both or negative effect for one. The resources are Tungsten, Semiconductor, Scrap Metal, Somatic Gel ( only good for med. packs ), Transducers and Ratio Seals. You can make Tungsten Torque Bars wiches open doors with a great amount of resources. The best thing that the developers have done that the weapons share the same kind of ammunition. No more annoying 8 kind of ammunition like in the antecedent games.


Interface and the Bench