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Every suits that you get after completing the game

Suit Kiosk has changed, but not as much the Bench did. You get your suits by progressing through the game. All the suits that you get after finishing the first time are the Engineering, Eva, Elite, Archaeologist, Legionary and Arctic Survival Suit. However, I wish there were some options to customize the color, masks, give some tags or even build your own. Upgrades apply for every each one of them, which is separated into 3 groups. Rig, Stasis, and Kinesis

  • Rig: Hit-points, Armor and Oxygen
  • Stasis: Duration, Charge Time and the number of shots that you got.
  • Kinesis: Damage of the items that you shoot and Range.

During my first game-through I couldn't upgrade everything, but didn't even see the point of doing it. I was completely fine with my full Rig upgrades.

Playing a second play-through on a specific difficulty, or mode will give you other kinds of Suits. I always liked the idea of getting "gifts" after each completed play-through like the Foam Finger in Dead Space 2. Fortunately Visceral Games didn't let me down. 

Three kind of upgrades: Rig, Stasis, and Kinesis