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The Blood moon from outside


The ending of Dead Space 3 makes the toughest men to shed a tear. In the end Ellie and Isaac tell each other about their feelings and Isaac says Ellie that he isn't going home this time. The final cut-scene is really what made me cry, when Ellie tries to communicate with Isaac who destroyed the "Blood Moon" with the help of Carver, and the badly injured Isaac just flows in space while he is holding Ellie's picture in his hand. I didn't want this game to end like this. I wanted to Isaac to survive again like he did last time in Dead Space 2, where he barely escaped the explosion of the Marker. After a couple of hours of resting I asked myself, is it really the end of the Dead Space series? Just like in the first Dead Space the chapters' first letters' tell us a sentence " Brother moons are awake". It made me think that maybe the Blood moon that was destroyed by Isaac made contact with the other Necromorphs and they know where they can find populated planets besides them to devour. Lets hope it will be continued!

The  Blood Moon inside