Hitman Absolution
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Cover Of Hitman Absolution

After the long wait from the previous Hitman, which was Hitman: Blood Money. IO interactive was left with a very big task of making the next game and making it better than their last instalment. It had been about 6 years and Hitman fans were eager for the next game. The previews shown at gaming conventions showed its many new features that were very innovative and changed a lot of the game-play which got many fans excited.

At the start menu, you had a choice of 2 different options to select, there was the main campaign and then there was Contracts which is a ‘gamemode’ that is semi-multiplayer. Contracts enables you to create your own assassination mission and put it online for the rest of the world to play where they can compete to beat your score.

The Hitman campaign was very good from the start, with a really nice tutorial that helped you to find out what all the controls did, you were able to almost jump straight into the action and left you very prepared to go kill people.
There is a large range of difficulties that you could choose from, lowest being ‘easy’ and hardest being ‘purist’ where you there was no help what so ever and very smart AI.
The campaign followed a very good story line, where your first mission is to hunt down and kill Diana, your contact from previous Hitman games, but as you kill her, you find out there is a dark path that keeps you entertained for hours. Some missions will feel really easy and you are able to quickly go through it, but then you also encounter really difficult missions that take you multiple tries to complete.
There are other things that IO interactive have added to keep people is playing:

  • There are now better ratings on how well you did in the mission, these are dependant on how well you keep silent and hide bodies and other key things.
  • There are now assassin instincts, which give you hints as to places where you can go and things you can activate.
  • Point shooting enables you to do a slow time aim and target which helps you to take care of multiple targets, quickly and easily.
  • Throw-able items as a distraction.
  • Achievements that can give you extra score depending on how you kill your targets.
  • Cover systems have also been implemented and work extremely well.

All up the campaign is very fun and keeps you entertained for hours. Unfortunately some levels feel near impossible depending on what difficulty you play on, but as long as you keep on playing and finally pass the level, you will have a great time.


The multiplayer ‘game-mode’ called Contracts is a very good addition that lets you play with your friends in a way.
To make a contract, you must play through the level and do the kills yourself, this helps avoid people from making impossible missions that nobody can complete.
To receive extra points, you can complete little conditions that the creator can set, these can include not being seen, hiding all bodies, and wearing a specific costume.
Completing contracts give you money which you can spend on buying clothing and weaponry, but unfortunately they are very expensive and you will need to complete quite a few missions before you can buy anything.
The contracts ‘game-mode’ works very well where you can make competitions between friends and see who is the better assassin, the gameplay is very fluid and very good looking.


The game was released with many small DLCs that gave you extra guns and costumes that were quite helpful in Contracts though you aren’t able to use them in campaign which is a downside, but luckily they are fairly cheap.


PC vs. XBox vs. PS3

There are slight differences between the 3 consoles:

The upside to playing on the PC is that you can have extremely good graphics for the game depending on how good of a pc you have (Game-Debate is a very useful site to see how good your PC is) but the downside to PC is that is has the slowest of loading times, almost 2x as longs as then next slowest which is on the XBox.

For all the people that own the Xbox there is a downside and an upside to owning the game on the 360. The upside is that if you install the game onto your console, you will have the fastest loading time, whereas if it isn’t installed, you will have the 2nd slowest loading time. The other downside is that the 360 gets the worst graphics compared to all the consoles, but it still looks stunning.

PS3 has the 2nd fastest loading time, which to be honest is very quick, and also has the mid range of the graphics, the game runs really smoothly and there aren’t really any issues with the game and the console. I own the game on the PS3 and I found that the game had no issues what so ever.

It doesn’t matter which console you get the game on, because no matter what, Hitman fans are surely going to enjoy the game, the sneaky, dirty and dark jokes in the game are another good thing that you will find in the game and are surely to make you giggle.

I recommend the game to anyone, especially people who like games that involve stealth, but Hitman: Absolution still caters for the people that like to run in guns blazing.


Please note that this review was taken from my own website where I first wrote this.