rFactor 2
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     rFactor2 is the complete overhaul of an already successful racing platform.  Understanding rFactor2 requires a brief look at the 1st game and what gave it the success that merited the creation of this sequel.  Based on realistic racing and an open community of not only fellow racers but mod creators that take the simulator tweak, add events and just improve the game for the enjoyment of everyone else.  Taking this base the developers of rFactor2 improved everything from the menu, graphics, handling physics and even modablitly (making up words here).


     Accuracy in the cars and how they handle is something the team at Image Space took great pride in.  Using a slew of different methods to create and recreate the cars so they have the best model possible than running it through countless physics simulation and data collection tests, they plug and calibrate all the data for the cars so they are as close to the real thing you can get.  The tracks you race on are laser scanned for accuracy and to help give you the most realistic driving experience they can offer.  So in the words of John Hammond "We spared no expense."


    The game itself is still under going develop with updates, cars and tracks being added.  But don't let that fool you.  This is still a fully operational racing simulator with a good selection of cars and tracks to help keep you in the race.  


     Like all games that are in the development phase, there are a few versions available but only the most recent one will work with the online features.  I will say this, installing this game takes some time and is a pain when you not only have to download the main version of the game but the cars and tracks as well.  Some of the cars have updated versions but require every version to be downloaded and for people who might have a data usage limit on their Internet service plan this could be a bit of a problem since the files are not small.  Usually I can jump right into a racing simulator and know what does what and what needs to be adjusted.  In rFactor2 however I spent a good amount of time (about an hour) trying to fine tune my settings so I could get the cars to start feeling and behaving like they are suppose to.  Rough starts aside though, the simulator offers a great deal of racing customization from setting up opponents difficulty and race length, down to a weather schedule based on race progression.  Your standard car tuning and adjusting tools are there to help you set the car up to your own driving style.  


     After everything gets dialed in the cars handle fantastic and the graphics in this game are down right amazing.  I got lost in the open wheel Lotus race cars from back in the day.  Seeing all of the parts moving and doing its own thing is a real treat as well as the sounds of this game.  Each car has its own defined sound but some cars do need a bit of tweaking (remember still under development).  When it comes to going toe-to-toe with the heavy hitters in the racing simulation world this sim can not be over looked.  It hangs with the best and with more cars and tracks still being added this simulator has a good road ahead of it.


     Online in rFactor 2 hasn't quit caught up to the levels the previous rFactor have but that could be attributed to no demo being available for this sim (but a great Refund policy).  Finding people to play and race with might be a bit of a hard time but the number of rFactor2 members grows daily so online will slowly start to grow.  Modding has been made even easier than before with a section in the games main menu to work on codes for the game.  Not being much of a code writer myself I can't say how well its works but it seems to be a great add-on for the modding community.


     Overall this racing simulator is a great pick up and has the potential to be one of the top leading names in the sim racing world.  With a few kinks needing to be worked out but a solid game playing experience followed by an ever growing community this looks to be a racing simulator other big name brands need to look out for.