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God, so much blood... Think Im getting sick.

Today I'm going to review Dishonored. It's a greatly-optimised game, good graphics (even on low-end rigs like mine), and the combat and story are the greatest.


Dishonored is a first-person action-shooter game developed by Arkane Studios, the company which developed Arx Fatalis. When you read this game's name, Dishonored, what you think about? That it's a horrible game, with the worse story? Well, don't judge the book by its front page. This game is about assassinating people. Yes, you heard me, assassinating! Now, don't think some kind of Assassin's Creed, where you are parkouring on some buildings. This game is different. You have powers in it. Yes, you have powers! Some powers like Blink, Possession and many more.


This isn't AC-like. It's totally different. And when I mean totally, I mean gameplay, graphics and combat. Your goal is to find a little girl named Emily. Her mother was assassined by one of the most powerful assassins in the whole game. You must find her and save her. In some parts of the game, you're Sherlock Holmes-like, looking for clues where the girl might be. But most part of the game consists in assassinating, being silent and killing silent. When you heard all of these, you'd might think about Hitman, but with no powers. No. Hitman is very different comparing to Dishonored.

The movement and combat. Yes, here comes the good part. Movement is like moving in any FPS game by now. The combat is great. Really great. Waving some swords over some enemies to kill them? No. Stealth killing is a bit gory. Drop assassinating, Blink and assassinate, kill him with crossbows. The blood coming out of someone's neck makes this game a bit gory. In the rest of the game, combat is good. Cutting someone's head makes this game even more interesting.


For a 2012 game, the graphics were exceptional. Even on lowest settings you could've see the enemies dying by your sword. Blood coming out of their bodies looks great. Water doesn't looks so great, probably because you rarely see the water. I cannot talk more about the graphics, because it isn't like Doom, but neither an HD game.

Final thoughts

I recommend this game 9/10. The story, the combat, the powers, everything makes this game the best game I ever played. Traveling back in the time where only the pistols and the swords were the only weapons makes this game even more interesting. My only cons are that it isn't free roam (would've loved that) and it was purely too short. Probably because I hit-and-runed too much...