Omerta: City of Gangsters is a strategy game with turn-based combat set in Atlantic City of the 1920's.

Developed by Haemimont Games (Tropico 3, 4) this is a game which comes from a team that certainly know their way round a keyboard when it comes to making strategy simulation games, but with this one they apparently forgot quite a few things that made their last games any good. Indeed, they managed to create a very good atmosphere and replicated the era in a very authentic manner (night time in the rain the city looks gorgeous) but gameplay-wise there are a few shotcomings chief among which is the game's difficulty.

After the first 3-4 levels of the campaign you quickly realise that there isn't actually anymore to do and soon enough the game becomes a breeze, you only have to rent a few breweries/distilleries/smugglers (by force if necessary) and then sell the beer or liquor or guns (that's all you have when it comes to choice of goods to sell) to the highest bidder, 15 minutes in and your criminal empire is established. If the game was a bit harder to master (as with the Tropico games) then things would have been alot more interesting but like this it just feels limited, it feels like a demo version of a full game. The story is your tipical fresh off the boat to US, making it big kinda thing, nothing special really and the game doesn't try to bring it up that often.

When it comes to combat the game doesn't shine here either, it really is just a poor man's XCOM where your gangsters battle it out with some more gangsters/cops/Klu Klux Klan members in a simplified version of the turn-by-turn tactical combat found in games like Enemy Unknown. You just click to move here, click to shoot there and that's it, no need for any special abilities that the game offers, they're just pointless if you ask me (so are your character's abilities for that matter).

Technically the game is better than when it comes to gameplay, the graphics look nice and polished (the whole game is actually very polished) and the soundtrack is fantastic with some very catchy tunes from the era, sound effects are nothing to write home about.

Multiplayer is pretty basic and it feels more like a last minute addition, I haven't spent much time with it and I suspect neither will you guys.

Overall this game feels like a missed opportunity, the opportunity to build your own criminal empire form the ground up but it just becomes too easy too quickly with no other gangster to challenge your supremacy. The general lack of things to do make it feel like a demo, hopefully this will be changed by a few patches or DLC's, although unlikely.

If all you want is a small, casual tactical strategy game (particularly if you're a fan of the era) and a very easy one at that then you might want to pick this one up, mind you it costs 40$ which to me (and my wallet) feels like a big waste of money considering I had to buy it in order to write this.