Dead Space
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         Do You want to knock the Head off some Aliens? Do You want to cut their Limbs? Do You want to get Freaking Scared? If YES is your answer to the above questions, Then You Are looking at the right Game! Dead Space has the capability to make you go from "Yeah Bring It On" to "I just Peed in my Pants". Dead Space is a Third Person Survival Horror game from EA, which has a Brilliant Sci-fi Theme.

The Story is Brilliant and Theme is very Good. You play as a the character named Issac Clarke, who is an Engineer. You along with your team come in response to the Distress signal form a space vessel called 'USG Ishimura'. From Then on Things change. Your Engineering job just gets way better by Ripping some Aliens to pieces. From Then on Your Main objective changes to 'Lets get the Hell out of here'. Its just not as easy as it sounds since your Alien friends have some other plans and you will surely enjoy there Company while completing the game. As the story proceeds you will uncover some major secrets which caused the Whole Mess. 

The Gameplay is very good and Scary. There will be lots and lots of killing through out the game. Since the technology is advanced the weapons will be rather advanced like a Plasma Cutter and many more. You can customize your weapons form time to time and also you can buy new weapons from the stores. You can also upgrade your Suit. The interesting feature about the game, is that there are many types of aliens. And there is specific weakness for every type of aliens you face. So you just cant cut their Heads off kill them. There will be some Spine Chilling moments through out the game which might Give You a Heart Attack. One of the most common things you will see through out the game is 'Blood and Gore', which some times makes me sick. Sometimes you will be bored of the similar locations, but there are always some Aliens to cheer you up.

The Graphics of the game is very good for a game released in 2008. But the Details could have been better. The details of the aliens could have been improved. The Atmosphere of the game is Awesome. It always gives you that Creepy feeling as which Alien would I Bump into the next. The Atmosphere and the Tension is perfect for a Horror game to make you get Scared. One of the most Impressive things about the game is its Optimization. You can even play the game in low end Rigs and the game would run perfectly without lowering the performance. 

The Sound Effects in the game is just Brilliant. It is what makes the game so special and Scary. The Aliens Screeching, The sudden change in the sound makes the game more Intense and Scary. It would be a just a normal TPS without the sound. So the Sound Effects play a major role in the game which is very well designed.

     Final Thoughts 

The game stands out to its title 'Dead Space' giving you the Creepiest feeling. I am not a big fan of Horror games but still  when i saw this game and after hearing how scary it is, I just wondered "Let me give this one a Try" and sure This is One of the best Horror games I've Ever played and It did give me the Scare for my Money. The game has Excellent Sound Effects and Awesome Game play with lots of weapons and Aliens to keep to at your Seat's Edge. The game also has a very good Theme and Story. The game is also very well optimized. But the Details and Textures could have been Better. The story mode could have been long. So if you love to play horror games and you want to get scared and enjoy some intense killing, Blood and Gore, Then you can't miss this game.