Tomb Raider
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Developer Makes it realistic.

Lara Croft as a Beautiful, Strong, 21 Year Old Young Girl in newly launched Tomb Raider(TR) is far better than the previous TR games. Many of you already played TR and known the Lara Croft but, this one is far brighter than the old one.

Story Begins in Ocean of "South Japan" finding island (Dragon’s Triangle) lara searching from many years. After little debate on whether to go or not to go island they head towards the island. And as always we want something interesting big storm comes in the sea, her ship get drowned, and they get to the island. As soon as she lands on that island monster caught her and take her into the cave. Finally gameplay begins. The creation looks really terrible becouse, the monster is kind of man-eater, developer makes it really interesting and real.

The game's starting is enough to tell that adventure is begin and make ready to survive in deadly island.

This game is about survival and developer maked good balanced in controls and gameplay. You have to do everything that a survival do. You'll get an Open World where you have to search for food to eat, Camps as well as weapons to kill the animals etc. Developer added girlish flavors as Lara is a girl example - when lara kills an animal she sayed "I'm Sorry" or some times when it hard to get something she speak that "I can Do It". Controls are very well optimised for this type of game and worked very good on PC.

Graphics are very good and basically optimised for radeon so radeon users will take cake with a cherry on it. Crystal Dynamics deserves a lot from this game. In gameplay if you want to check surounding things you have to press 'Q' (Taking PC example) and some objects will glow that has to use, this things are verry well done by Crystal Dynamics. Sound effects are bassically one of the top piece in this game. Sound and graphics are very well balenced. You will feal that you are standing in jungle.

Some bugs are there, like sometimes using weapons it takes time to get on target also it's applicable for Multiplayer some of you may feel it's okay. This game is basically optimised for radeon so NVIDIA users may or may not get full performance. when you install game you have to still connect to internet and download around 2 GB of data from 'Steam' some peoples those having slow internet connection may get angry.

Finally, I must say if you love surviving then just buy it. If you like survival shows that aired on many channels then you can enjoy it yourself in this game. The game that you should own and believe me you will happy after playing Tomb Raider.

Graphics are looks Awesome.