Max Payne 3
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Oh Rockstar, we all knew you were capable of something amazing on pc, and I'm glad you decided to choose Max Payne 3 to optimize,tweak,and let us PC gamers enjoy something incredible, a great Rockstar port.

Let's start with the Main Menu its a standard main menu and all, but the gem to it is its options and settings menu,it has everything a pc game should have scalable---everything!!!! Everything is scalable water quality,texture quality, shader quality, tesselation, reflection, etc. It even shows memory usage that should be a standard in pc gaming but we unfortunately don't get to see it very often.

The Graphics---------- The graphics are certainly impressive they can be especially immersive when bullets are flying and ricocheting around you, this is one of those games where a gameplay video doesn't even come close to quality and immersion that playing at high settings at your native resolution can offer. This game is truly a work of art.

The Sound----------- The games sound quality are great, they immerse you into Max's world hearing bullets collide with objects around you in perfect clarity, hearing distant gunshots to let you know that you are approaching trouble,crisp explosions as the enemy attempt to route you out of cover with their grenades.

The Soundtrack--------- This games soundtrack is among the best I've heard, when you listen to the music while watching heartbreaking scenes of Max Payne killing himself with his addictions make it all the more effective. Kudos to you HEALTH!!!!!

The Gameplay---------- Now to the meat of the review the gameplay, the gameplay is precise and extremely satisfying full of HOLY SH!T moments that even the most callous of people would get an adrenaline rush from.

The game's gunplay is the quality you'd expect from a Max Payne sequel, it's precise, it's satisfying, and it's killcams are simply unmatched there is nothing more satisfying than belting 12 gauge buckshot into the same bastard that has killed you several times, as the killcam plays you may continue pulling the trigger belting into that poor guy. ( but hell that's what you get for trying to kill Max Payne :P)

Shootdoge and BulletTime are every bit as epic as you think it would be, slow motion targeting with Max diving into a crowd of baddies with a .44 magnum badassery at it's finest.

Last Man Standing, is a recovery system which requires that Max has at least one bottle of painkillers,it works most of the time, sometimes the guy who took you out is behind cover, or the guy that killed you is too close to you and no matter what angle you try to shot him at Max'll just shoot right behind him, but for the most part it works well.

The Characters-------------Max Payne, he's every bit as dark and depressing as the first two titles but this time he looks his part he looks significantly aged, and appears to have lived a pain-filled life

Raul Passos, a funny guy that is a loyal friend that has Max's back no matter the circumstance.

Marcelo Branco, An idiot that's all you'll remember about him :P

Rodrigo Branco, A wealthy man who seeks to be a decent man despite not knowing how to show himself for who he is.

Conclusion------------This is a thrilling adrenaline rush that just begs to be played more than a single playthrough. It's faults are for the most part neglible thus it earns a 9/10 in my book and also earns my "Good Port" seal of approval. :D