The game gives you plenty of freedom already at the beginning. If you prefer to take it slow and understand the feel of the game, you can work for other truck companies, to get some spare cash and experience. You also won't have to pay for any traveling expenses, cause it's covered by the company you work for.

When you are ready, you can buy a truck and begin working for yourself, but there is a huge possibilit that you will have to take a loan in the bank, because getting a 100,000 € in the first missions would take some time. It's ok though - it's fairly easy to repay the loan and have something left in your pocket as well.

You'll be able drive drive through half of the Europe and there are really a couple of beautiful landscapes in the game. You'll have to obey traffic rules, if you don't want to constantly pay fees for breaking the road rules and go broke. 


The game is fairly easy to get used to, cause every tool is easy to understand and there isn't anything that you'd have to spend a lot of time on to understand. Just pick a job and drive - don't forget to refuel your gas tank and get some sleep from time to time though.

Graphics are fine, but nothing is going to make you say wow. The rain effects are quite nice, but if you try to drive without your wipers on, you'll find that it's not impossible, so a bigger quantity of rain particles would have been nice. There is also a good transition between night and day - and the other way around. The lighting effects aren't as good as they should be. You can find yourself driving with all your headlights on, just because there isn't enough lighting on the road (it feels especially weird driving on a huge highway).

The driving isn't particulary long. Driving with 90 km/h you'll travel a 100km of distance in about 3,5 minutes. So 500km's would take you less than 20 minutes, but you won't be traveling that far at the beginning.

I highly recommend you to use a steering wheel for this game, cause using a keyboard would make you tapping your keys a lot, because steering without a wheel is not very enjoyable.

When you have played enough, you can expand your company and hire other drivers to work for you, but you'll have to buy them a truck, which may lead to another 1-2 loans from a bank. So basically your goal in the game is to repay your debts to the bank - just like in real life. :D

This game gets a 7. For my video review in youtube, visit the link below.



Rain effects