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Written by GreedyIV on Sun, Mar 17, 2013 7:44 PM
Where does Tomb Raider rank in the list of the most demanding games?
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How well optimised is Tomb Raider for PC? 9.4



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Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix has managed to bring us one of the finest games of 2013 yet...



The overall feel of the game is very good. The movements ar quite fluent and you'll find yourself doing a lot of acrobatic stuff, like jumping from bridges, climbing walls, balancing on a narrow wooden timbers and much more. The gunplay is good, there is also an option to use stealth at certain times. I tried to narrow my weapon usage to just a bow+silenced pistol though.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible at later hours of the game. Comparing to the pace, that it had created in the first hours, it got a little too "commando" and I had to pull out my assault rifle and shotgun as well.

Of course, in a game, where you can go to a lot of places and do different stuff, you can run into an invisible wall. There are not many of those in the game, but when you are trying to do more and more, sometimes an invisible wall can break it down for you, that not everything is meant for exploring.



Environment, explosions, gunplay - they all look awesome and the music makes tense moments much more epic. The new "Tress FX" feature, which makes Lara's hair look more realistic looks very nice and it seems like a small, but important step forward to human appearance simulation in gaming. Also, when you get in a huge area with mountains, stop and look around - this is the second game, which made me go "wow, this is beautiful" (first one was Just Cause 2).


The choice of music is a success. It adapts to what is happening and generates an awesome feel, for example when you are jumping from a collapsing bridge in slow motion. The orchestral hits makes you hold your breath quite often.



The game gets an 8,5. It is very enjoyable and it delivers tense moments even in cutscenes, where you never know if you'll have to start moving or take part using a quick time event...


  • Action music epic
  • Fluent gameplay
  • Good story


  • Too much guns at the end
  • Too much QTEs
  • ........................



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