Tomb Raider
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     When I wrote a Preview of this game two months ago, I was dying to play this game and had great Expectations for this game, since its one of my favorite series. And sure enough this game Exceeded my Expectations in every possible way. 

Sometimes Adventures are unexpected. They say that Adventures are not meant for everybody. But what if Adventure finds YOU? This case happens in the Latest Tomb Raider. Everyone knows that Tomb Raider games are all about Adventure and Action. The series became my favorite from Tomb Raider Legend. But No One knew how these adventures began. 'Lara Croft' the main character of the game won the hearts of many gamers. But no one knew the story behind Lara, what made her so Tough and Bold? This game exactly takes us to the beginning, where it all Begun...

Lara Croft a young British archaeologist, who wants to follow her father's foot steps and become a famous and make a name for herself. But Everything doesn't go according to plan. The story of the game is Excellent and effective. As Lara prepares for archaeological quest with her Crew mates, their ship just crashes of the coast of an island in a mysterious place called 'The Dragon's Triangle' near Japan. The Island is itself is full of Mystery. Lara and her crew mates are captured by the people on the island and its all about Survival, Its upto Lara to solve the Island's mystery and rescue her friends. This adventure transforms Lara from a frightened young archaeologist to a Hard Croft and the path will not be so easy.

The Gameplay is Amazing. Tomb Raider is just not about raiding tombs and finding artifacts, it is  beyond that. The gameplay is not like other Tomb Raider games. Its Better and gets better as you play it. Just like the recent games such as Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 which featured Hunting Animals, You can also Hunt animals in your own style. Scavenging also plays an important role in the Game. As the Story continues you even get new some more weapons like Pistol and other guns. Lara's Survival Instincts is a new addition to the game which helps you to find the way. As you gain Experience points by killing Enemies, Discovering new Tombs and by doing other kinds of things, You can upgrade your Skills needed for your Survival. One of Salient Features of the game is that You can upgrade your Weapons by Scavenging, which is a really cool feature as it adds some reality to the game. Once you find a camp you can Fast Travel to any previously visited camps to search for Hidden Tombs and Artifacts. So there are lots of quests you can complete after you finish the game. The Story telling and cut Scenes are also amazing and you can't afford to skip them. 

The Combat of the game is awesome and much better than the previous Tomb Raider games. From close quarter combat to Long Range combat the game gives you the Experience of a TPS. You can even take your enemies Stealthily or you can just go the loud way. My favorite weapon in the game was the Classic Bow and Arrow.

To talk about the Graphics of the game, which is so far one of the best I have seen. The Graphics are Absolutely Beautiful and Awesome. It is like everything comes alive around you. The Trees, The Waterfalls, The animals and the Scenery is so beautiful that it makes you feel that you are Involved in the game. The Textures and The Environment are also very Beautiful. The Scars on Lara and her Expressions, Everything is so well done giving you the most Realistic feeling. The Sound Effects of the game are great. Its adds to the realistic feeling of the game. 

        Final  Verdict                      

The game is Awesome in Every Way, with Amazing Storyline, Great Gameplay, Beautiful Graphics and Awesome Combat. The game just Redefines Tomb Raider and delivers a realistic and Unforgettable Experience. Its also very well optimized for Radeon graphic cards. It not only is an Awesome Action Adventure game but also can be called as the Best Tomb Raider game so far. I recommend this game for everyone and it doesn't matter if you haven't played any previous Tomb Raider games. So " Its an Adventure you don't want to miss". 


Experience the Beautiful Graphics