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Crytek, 2007. A new star is born. A new game is launched. People rage all over the world because they bought something their computers can't even run.

Yes, I am talking about the great FPS, the heavy-weight: Crysis.

In Crysis, you start out as Nomad, a soldier, part of the "Raptor" team, an elite force of soldiers equipped with the latest combat armor: The nanosuit. You are sent on a mission to the Lingshan island because the US had lost all contact with an american research team. Your mission is to analyze the situation of what's happening in the Lingshan island and why has contact been lost.

But as you and your teammates jump from the VTOL vehicle, you will discover that something else is out there. Something doesn't want you here.

The first and most important aspect of Crysis are its graphics. Equipped with a new, powerful DX10 (DX9 too) engine (CryEngine 2), Crysis brings us to a new era of videogame 3D graphics. Powerful effects, high-res textures, breakable environments, large amounts of polygons, a good physics engine and much, much more, provide us with a very realistic-looking videogame.

In the audio part, Crysis brings us high-quality SFX. The sound of the bullets, the voices, the explosions... It is all pleasant to our hearing. The soundtrack, although not remarkable, it still does a very good job in most of the situations.

The story may be a weak point here. At the beginning, the game is pretty dull and slow-paced, but that really depends of your game style (I play stealth most of the time, so I have to move slowly), but then it gets really good, and mostly in the last 2 chapters (I'm not gonna spoil anything), the ending was amazing, graphically and storically. It is also pretty predictible at some points.

Gameplay might have needed a couple of adjustments, because, while being cloaked for a second and then being a killing machine that can take about 10 bullets without even getting hurt in the other might be fun, the battles (only the ones fought on-foot, though) are kinda boring. The sandbox gameplay of the game though, makes up for it.


Quite frankly, I am a huge fan of the Crysis saga. Not the games, I know they are not the best things out there. I just love the saga; a cool suit that lets you do impossible things for a normal human, explosions, big-ass aliens (obviously with a much more superior technology than ours), explosions, EXPLOSIONS... Oh yeah, and explosions.

This game is indeed, a masterpiece and I'd recommend anyone to buy it.

This little fella can cause a lot of trouble to your GPU...