Yes sure , the first thing that attracts you to an assassination game is the comnbat in it, but as much as we want to see necks struck and knifes plunged you get used to it eventually. So what keeps us hours on playing Assassin's Creed ? Why do we crave it so damn much ? 

Here's when the mystery kicks in, the unanswered questions that you crave so much to know the truth of them. In Assassin's Creed 2 , mystery was at its best , who are the Assassin's ? What do they fight for ? for how damn long their fight with the templars have lasted ? Questions like this pops into your head in the game and especially after solving one of sixteen's riddles. You get goosebumps when you see how in the game they played with the history, Cleopetra did not commit suicide with her own snake but no she was assassinated by an assassin who used her snake on her (one of the assassin's whom a statue of them could be found in Monteriggioni , no, Joan of Arc did not die because she commited heresy, but because the templars wanted her sword ( The Sword of Eden ), no not by miracle moses split the sea but by a piece of eden. Such details revealed in the game shows you how much the story is deep.Sure sure killing and free running are awesome , but the mystery in the game , the way they play the history are what gives you goosebumps and keeps you nailed on your gaming platform craving for more.This mystery extend to Brotherhood and is beautiful in Revelations when Ezio was searching for the answers, the revelations hidden in Altair's library. But this mystery died in AC3 , connor was fighting for freedom okay , but every time i hear him screaming for Charles Lee i get this feeling to punch my screen. No mystery , nothing attractive about the game other than the killing , so instead of being a game loved by its unique story , it became one of many killing games !

So what we hope to see in AC4 is not just another killing and running game , there are plenty of those , but we wish to see a deep story that urges you to know more of its fictional truth , to explore its fictional history , and to crave for adventure , then all the killing and free running would have a purpose ,thus being more enjoyable ,and more awesome !