Far Cry 3
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Hang Gliding Like A Boss!

I have always wondered why I get attached to these types of games because they are all completely different genre wise. Grand Theft Auto is about a Russian that seeks revenge for his cousin. Red Dead Redemption was about an Outlaw trying to get his family back. The Fallout series is a series of games that was based on post apocalyptic survival. But the one game that caught my eye the most was Far Cry 3. Not only does it have the same amazing quality that I love from the previous games that I mentioned, but it also had the same elements that all 3 games I named combined. Let me break this down for you guys so that you could understand me better.

Making a game Free Roaming is a big task if you want the gamer to interact with anything more than just the main storyline or optional side quest. GTA and RDR tried going this by allowing the player to play mini-games when you are not doing a mission and also setup side tasks to raise your rank in a certain situation. Fallout had little events that you could only find by roaming around the map and finding out what happens. But Fay Cry 3 by far surpasses all three of these games when it comes down to free roam. Not only do you have to explore to progress throughout the game, but the scenery is wonderfully done. The map is not unlocked from the beginning of the game and the only way to unlock the map is by successfully taking the jammers that were placed on the radio towers. But unlocking parts of the map isn't the only thing that you achieve for removing these jammers, you also unlock guns and receive discounts from local stores in that area.

Upgrading and Leveling is also something that can make or break a Free Roaming game. GTA didn't allow much leveling, but it did allow upgrading of your cars when you had the money for it. RDR and Fallout are good examples of both. In RDR you could go out hunting and completing tasks to raise your "Hunter Status" or if you weren't into hunting you could go flower picking to raise your "Survivalist Status". In Fallout you would level up by completing quest or by grinding it out in the Wasteland. Now when it comes to Far Cry 3 it's a whole different story. You don't have to grind or do missions to level up, you can just hunt or capture outpost. Upgrading your equipment is a challenge and this is what keeps this game entertaining. I don't start out with a wallet that can hold $10k, I have to upgrade me wallet by getting skins of animals that would allow me to hold the amount of money that I want to upgrade to. And I can't cheat my way through these upgrades because you ain't buy them in the shops.

Weapons are something that makes a game in general when it comes to Free Roaming games. GTA contained a semi-large arsenal while RDR had a quite small one seeing how it took place in the Wild West Age. Fallout was somewhat impressive when they added the ability to upgrade weapons, but it wasn't what I expected when we are in a new era of games. Far Cry 3 kept their weapons balanced, even, and nicely customizable. Yes the game might limit the amount of attachments on weapons, but what would you expect to have if you were to really own these weapons. This isn't Call of Duty where you can get 3 attachments on any gun just because you have a wildcard that allows you too. Certain weapons also allow you to paint a camo on the weapon of chose which makes me feel more connected to the guns I use and less likely to ditch it for another weapon I find in a battle. 

I would continue on more, but I feel like I have ranted on long enough. Some of you may not agree with my opinion, but I could careless because I stand by how I feel. Every game I named in this review are and have been good to me. From GTA to Call of Duty, I love them all but honestly Far Cry 3 is something of a different breed with the same genes. If I don't want to finish a mission I could just drive around and hunt animals or capture outpost. I could find an amazing waterfall and dive from the top to the bottom with no regrets or find a hang glider on a hill and glide over the ocean. I have to go now, Far Cry is calling me. -Chewii Out

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