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Written by GameBoy27 on Thu, Mar 21, 2013 12:44 PM
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Being a gamer, I assume you've played (and still playing) a lot of games in your life. And there has already been a lot of games which proved to be good (or great) to you. There are games you like, games you love and apart from these, there are some games which you not only just like or love, you remember these forever.

The ninth installment of the Need for Speed series, Need for Speed Most Wanted(2005), developed by EA Black Box and published by EA Sports, was a game of that kind to me. I just didn't love it, I remembered it and had it on every PC I've used so far.

When playing a game, there are a number of aspects you analyze the game from. The plot, the graphics, sound system everything. This game has good graphics, a good story, crucial racing experience, everything a racing game needs to be successful. But there's been games with better graphics and improved racing. But no game other than a few like Carbon(2006) and some others, I couldn't get that kind of an experience I got with Most Wanted. I knew that there was something in this game which I didn't find in any other game. But I didn't know what I'd call it.But thanks to OSUBoarder, I've got my answer. It's the game's replayability that makes a game great. Like you play it once and come back for more.

Looks like I've spent much time without speaking about the game's points. Let's begin,

  • Graphics : The graphics was a realistic one in 2005. Great daylight effect, motion blur everything made this game a must have compared to the other games of 2005 and back.
  • Story : The story was of a new racer to the city of Rockport who is challenged by Razor and loses his BMW M3 GTR to him. The game sets you into the shoes of that racer and the goal is to get your lost car and build reputation in the city as the Most Wanted racer. On the way you have to beat 15 top racers who are called 'blacklists' in the city.
  • Gameplay : Now comes the best part of the game. Crucial racing and realistic driving makes the experience better than ever. It is said that this game's realistic racing is the best in the series.
  • Game Modes : There are different types of races such as drag races and speedtraps. The career mode includes races and milestones and pursuit bounties. The free roam mode like the previous Underground 2 was included, pursuit modes with police chases were also in the game. To get a rest from the career mode, one can try the challenge series full of different challenges including police pursuits.
  • Overall satisfaction : The overall satisfaction is simply great. This game is one of my all time favourites. The public opinion was also good about this game having a Metacritic score of 82/100.

That's all, my review for one of the best  NFS ever. As I said earlier, this game is such kind of a game, I just can't get rid of it. You play it once and you come back for more!..........



  • Great gameplay
  • Good story
  • Graphics


  • Big story



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