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Slicing off heads is not a big deal these days

The last episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead game, "No Time Left", picks off right where it ended in Episode 4 : "Around Every Corner".
Clementine has been abducted, Lee's been bitten by a walker. Time is ticking away and he could turn into one of those flesh-eating geeks any moment.
Despite that, Lee has reached Vernon's old hideout (alongwith few others, whose joining you in this initial search depends upon how you ended the last episode). They find that Vernon and his group is gone. Then he discovers the walkie-talkie and the harsh voice on the other side tells him that he, who has been stalking them, has taken Clem. 

This is where you start Episode 5

Plot in brief : 
With Lee passing out from his infection, he has to make a very hard choice right in the beginning (which, sadly though, makes no difference later on). Some not-so-hard-to-figure-out tactics is all that is needed to outiwit walkers. Lee and the other survivors head towards a hotel where Clementine is held. A fellow survivor sacrifices himself to try and save another sometime later in the game and a little after that Lee is completely separated from the rest. His health has worsened but out of his love for the little girl, he goes on to take on every obstacle in his way with the little strength he has left. The man at the hotel holds a grudge against Lee for indirectly causing the death of his family, but Lee soon overpowers him and saves Clementine. Then, realising he is about to turn any moment, Lee makes sure that Clementine is safe.

Gameplay :
Like its predecessors, Episode 5 continues the tailored gameplay experience. However, a few choices (including an important one), makes no difference to the story.
Gameplay remains simple, move, point and click to interact.
The Walking Dead continues to stress less on zombies and more on the humans and how their character changes after the apocalypse and in times of crisis.

Thumbs up for :

  • Superb plot. Amazing storyline throughout the season.
  • The characters are life-like and one can really connect with them and step into their shoes in the heart of Savannah.
  • In this finale, there are quite a few moments that touches your heart. The shows of bonds and relationships between the characters blurs your vision with tears.

Thumbs down for :

  • The game lasts for only about a couple of hours!!
  •  The graphics are a bit cartoonish.


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