APB: Reloaded
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i know its not a screenshot i dont know how to get them

contrary to poular belief apb is NOT a pay to win game yes premuims get extra cash but regular old free to play players can make it although it will be challenging at the start


apb is essetially based on customization and having fun. think of it as grand theft auto with two sides crims and cops.  both sides feature the same customization and similar missions.  i chose to play as criminal its great fun and i can never pull myself away from my pc(except to pee lol).  i once bunked school to get to play so believe me when i say that its addictive. 


players use their characters and pit them in all out war in their faction to complete missions and objectives in the open world city of san paro against the oposing faction.  criminals missions feature destructions and burning of cars and building as well as tagging walls and stealing goods.  enforcers generally have to stop the criminals however their missions include performing raids etc.  the customizations is very in depth to give you the sense that there isnt a single player like yours.  u can create your own symbols and use them on clothing cars and even tattoos on your players character. 


players will generally group with other players of the same threat.  players are put into teams of their faction(criminals or enforcers) and are required to complete various objectives to gain standing with their pledged contact.


pledges are there to gain standing which gives you unlocks different contacts unlock different things but to get new contacts you need to get existing contracts to a standing of 10.  each contact will give you different unlocks for each standing level e.g level 10 with contact "suji" unlocks the charge cisco(a car)


there are 3 districts in san paro

1- the financial(good for beginners to make money)

2- the waterfront(better contacts)

3- the social(no shooting etc just a place to customize, shop and talk


"choose a side, create an identity, form a crew, start a war!!!" - quoted from the original apb trailer

i play on the patriot(eu2) server my player name is soulja7 i am the leader of the official game-debate clan on apb(gd squad-clan name) look me up and lets fight with or against each other(depending on the side you take;)) see you guys out there


(p.s. if i left something out leave a comment.  and plaease give your opinion on the article)

i know its not a screenshot i dont know how to get them